Bangor University

Helping people live with dementia

Dr Catrin Hedd Jones, a Chartered Psychologist at Bangor University's School of Healthcare Sciences, is helping to improve the lives of people living with dementia. 

Dr Jones took part in a ground-breaking Welsh language television documentary in which six children shared their day care with a group of older people for a few days. Hidden cameras filmed as they ate, played and built relationships with each other, as Dr Jones and another psychologist from Bangor University watched behind the scenes. The programme demonstrated the positive impact that children have on older people, with many of the dementia patients 'coming alive' when in the company of the children.  

As well as her involvement in an extensive research project assessing the benefits to people living with dementia of getting involved in creative arts, Dr Jones established the North Wales Dementia Network with individuals living with dementia. The network provides a means to connect people living with dementia with professionals to share best practice and build a closer appreciation of what people need to live with dementia.

Dr Jones says: “It is vitally important that we find as many ways as possible to support people affected by dementia and to develop dementia communities that have a better understanding of how we can all play our part.”