Bath Spa University

Programme to help children who struggle in school

Most young people enjoy life and are successful in school but a significant minority struggle. A child's ability to learn is shaped by very early experiences. If, for whatever reason, they do not form strong emotional attachments with parents or carers early on, they don’t start off from a secure base.

These children won’t know where they stand and can become unfocused, disruptive, and even destructive. Often, they can end up being punished or even excluded. Little that schools do seems to work.

Bath Spa’s Attachment Aware Schools programme, brings together schools and specialist trainers “to create ‘attachment aware’ schools and communities, in which all children and young people experience the nurturing environments they need to grow and achieve”.

The programme has been proven to help teachers engage with challenging pupils, to set limits and work through problems. Bath Spa is helping schools get away from the idea that this is just a few “loopy kids causing trouble”.

Instead we are helping to create ‘attachment aware’ cultures, leading to calmer, more nurturing, learning environments where more children are supported to thrive and succeed.