Falmouth University

Postgraduate business development programme

Launchpad is Falmouth University’s postgraduate business incubation and acceleration programme. The programme links academic study with enterprise to create new digital businesses, which meet identified market demand, in just 12 months.

Underpinned by an MA in Entrepreneurship, Launchpad places students into teams that build, develop and incorporate their own company in partnership with global businesses, supported by a network of academic staff, business coaches and industry mentors.

One of the key objectives of the programme is the development of the regional economy. The programme will create 526 new jobs and 65 new companies in Cornwall within five years.

This year, Launchpad teams responded to challenges from partners Amazon, Pendennis and BBC Worldwide to develop exciting new products and services. Two exciting businesses to come out of the programme are Hertzian, an artificial intelligence development company focusing on building applications that help users understand large volumes of customer feedback, Glas Data, who have created a data ecosystem, and FarmHand, designed to support better productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector.