Leeds Beckett University

Improving mental health in schools

The number of children and young people suffering from mental health issues has surged in recent years, creating a challenge for schools across the country. Professor Jonathan Glazzard’s research aims to enhance the mental health of young people – and teachers.

His previous work has identified particular challenges experienced by both experienced and trainee teachers caused by factors including scrutiny and workload. His research on mental health in schools has led to the development of a new award which schools can apply for which involves training and development to improve self-confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence for both pupils and staff – 500 schools have signed up for the award so far.

Jonathan’s work within our LGBTQ+ research centre also has a significant mental health element: his research found that people identifying as LGBTQ+ are far more likely to experience mental health issue - these findings influence the delivery of our university’s teacher training, enabling the teachers of the future to be better equipped to deal with the issue.

He said: “We must pay attention to children’s holistic, not just academic, needs. We can prepare them better for living in a socially-inclusive society, where they will encounter difference and diversity and develop relationships with a wide range of people. The work we do at Leeds Beckett is helping to ensure that mental health difficulties do not stand in the way of success at school and beyond.”

Jonathan is an ambassador for school-based mental health and has presented at conferences at home and abroad, including New York last year.

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