We're pleased to have the support of many individuals and organisations who are proud of the difference UK universities make to people, lives and communities.

Find out why these supporters are championing #MadeAtUni


London First is delighted to back MadeAtUni

Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive at London First, said:

“London’s world-class universities have a rich history of combining the best talent from home and abroad to make a real difference to people’s lives - whether that’s through ground breaking research in the field of medicine, pioneering the latest technology, or through exciting collaborations with business. We’re delighted to back MadeAtUni which celebrates this important sector’s rich and varied achievements."


NHS Confederation voices support for MadeAtUni campaign

Responding to the MadeAtUni campaign launched by Universities UK, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, said: “This campaign is a welcome reminder of the strength of British innovation and how our academic brilliance has helped us live longer, better quality lives. “Universities and the health service have always been and will always be close partners - and not just in the training of our clinical staff. “The work of the NHS would be made materially harder without these breakthroughs. “Our colleagues in the Brexit Health Alliance are bringing together the NHS, medical research, industry, patients and public health organisations, to safeguard the interests of patients, and the healthcare and research they rely on, during the Brexit negotiations. “This co-operation is of utmost importance in these uncertain times.”


The Social Enterprise Mark CIC is proud to support the MadeAtUni campaign 

Speaking of the campaign, the Social Enterprise Mark said they are proud to accredit a number of UK universities as social enterprises, which are committed to enhancing the social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of their communities, society and the world around them.

Recognising the important contribution that universities can make to people, lives and communities across the UK, they therefore welcome the launch of the MadeAtUni campaign today, which celebrates the significant role that universities play in everyone’s day-to-day life.

Lucy Findlay, Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark CIC said: “Alongside teaching, universities play a much wider role in being part of  local communities and making the world a better place. This is why we have awarded the Social Enterprise Mark and Gold Mark to those that can prove it. We are pleased to support the MadeAtUni campaign, which will hopefully highlight the amazing and varied contribution that universities make to society.”


CBI supports Universities UK's #MadeAtUni campaign​  

"As the CBI’s 2018 Education and Skills survey shows, more than half (54%) of those firms with ties to higher education have increased their engagement over the past year showing a growing desire from business to engage with our universities.

That is why the CBI is pleased to be supporting Universities UK’s #MadeAtUni campaign, which seeks to bring to life the impact universities up and down the country have on people, their lives and local communities. Through this campaign, the transformational research and life-changing initiatives that take place across our universities can be highlighted and we can move beyond the traditional idea of universities acting solely as skills providers – recognising the much wider role universities play within society."