University of Greenwich

Tackling food shortages in the developing world

The University of Greenwich’s Natural Resources Institute is changing lives around the world.

Cassava is a staple food for over half a billion people in the developing world, forming the basis of their diet and keeping them "food secure". But up to 40% of produce is lost due to its short shelf life.

Two of the university’s award-winning projects focus on this important root crop.

Researchers developed the NRI Cassava bag, with built-in curing technology, to extend the shelf life of cassava to over 8 days. 

In addition, its Cassava: Adding Value for Africa project supports farmers with new technologies, training and market links, enabling them to increase their incomes.

The work has supported nearly 500 rural enterprises and benefitted an estimated 200,000 households, and has the potential to improve the lives of millions.

The University of Greenwich is changing the world for the better, and teaching our students to do the same. Our research provides real-world solutions and is shared with our students through courses such as Agriculture for Sustainable Development, Food Innovation and Global Environmental Change.

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